Well, hey there.

This is a diary of our home improvements. It’s about things we change, create, cook, and learn here in our home in East Yorkshire.

Come in, wipe your feet and I’ll get the kettle on.

Latest from the blog

Moving house in a pandemic

This was supposed to be an easy housemove. Just us, the builder and our buyer in the chain. I have no doubt that waking up at three, four, five, and not being able to get back to sleep is par for the course with a standard move… And then there’s...

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Starting from scratch with colour

It can be a bit daunting knowing what to do with a new build when it comes to colour. You’re handed a house that’s blindingly white or magnolia and it inevitably stays like that, at least for a bit, while you have more pressing things to do. And before long,...

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Tiled bathroom in the showhome

How we chose bathroom wall tiles

Bathroom tiles have literally been the only thing we’ve had an argument about throughout the whole process so far… and I think it’s because I wasn’t being decisive enough. I went to the sales office one evening in late November, still thinking we had a month or two to make...

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How to choose a kitchen for a new build

Every house builder has a range of kitchens to choose from. Sometimes you get a house where they’ve already put the basic option in to meet their own timescales, sometimes a sale has fallen through and you get someone else’s choices, and if you’re early enough in the sales process,...

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Blue Claybrook Studio tile sample with smoked oak parquet

Putting flooring into a new build house

The house we’re buying is a step up from our current one in terms of space, but not character, so we need to do some work to inject that ourselves. This is the floor plan for the new house…

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The roaring twenties

This won’t come as a surprise to you if you follow my Instagram, but if you don’t, hang onto your hat, for we are on the move again. I know our current house had all the hallmarks of being our Forever Home (capital F, capital H), but we have a...

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