Paint, glorious paint

Around the lights we’d chosen, as I mentioned previously, we thought we’d go for a classic feel in the living room. We chose this beautiful green quite quickly (Wickes’ Boudoir), and after slathering the wall with three shades of grey from tester pots, chose the palest (Nickel). The green is a chalky flat matt, which works really well – it makes it look quite grown up!

We discussed, Googled, and then discussed some more which wall we should make the feature wall and how to ensure the room wasn’t too dark with having vast expanses of grey walls. We’ve counteracted this by choosing a pale grey, sorting lots of lighting, and we’ve decided to go for a white wood laminate floor rather than the dark wood we’d originally wanted.

The ceiling was painted last Saturday by the husband. Painting a white ceiling white is the most unsatisfying feeling ever (or so he tells me); you can barely see where you’ve painted. I spent my time feeding him and wandering round looking at the ceiling, pointing out bits he’d missed. And then got shouted at for “making it up”. I wasn’t.

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