Dressing up

The hunt for the perfect dressing table is an impossible task.  Actually, it doesn’t even have to be perfect, it can simply be cheap.  I’ve had an eBay alert set to tell me every time something appropriate in my area is listed, but then nothing ever comes of it.  I feel like I’m destined to forever do my makeup on my bed with my legs crossed like a schoolgirl.

Actually, when I was a schoolgirl, I did have a dressing table.  Ironic, non?

I really like this glass table top from Ikea (where else?), and have liked it for a few years.  You can buy different legs for it, so you could set it on drawers.  I like that it’s huge, has a nice pattern and I can’t stain it like wood if something leaks, or more likely, I knock something over.  It’s just we’ve never had the spare £100 to say, yes!  This month we shall buy the dressing table!

We’ll definitely have to get one when we do out our bedroom, and we’ve also had a couple of quotes for fitted wardrobes.  At the moment we have a solid wood double bed (our fancy spare bed is actually bigger than our own!), and then Ikea Aspelund wardrobe, bedside tables and drawers (only “wood” coloured, although loving the white!).  I’ve sadly pushed Barry out of our triple wardrobe, and he is currently hanging his clothes in the dressing area on a clothing rail.

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