Now I know where/when home is

I had a few responses, on here, in person, and on facebook, to the Home is where…? post.

Barry, for one, would like to clarify that when he says he is going home to Northern Ireland, he means the country, but when he’s coming back here, home means our house specifically.

My friend Bryonie, who recently moved to Australia, said she’s not sure where home is now.  But she also introduced me to an expression I hadn’t heard before: you can be homesick for a time, not a place.  I kind of like this because it’s true, but it’s also sad because it’s not something you can ever get back.  Perhaps the fact that I’d like to return to Howden, where my heart is, is just me longing for my childhood.

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    I have just discovered how to use this. silly me!!! I love reading your blog ( hope thats what you call it) I love you both lots and wish you were nearer, but life has a funny way of making things work, so enjoy life no matter were you are and rest assured you are both in out thoughts all the time.

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