Shotgun approach

In response to Wednesday’s post, someone commented to ask if we’re working on our entire house at once.  Of course not! was my first reaction.  Then, as I started writing out the reply, it really did begin to look like we are, in fact, trying to take on the entire house at the same time.

This was my reply:

We started with the living room in January, which quickly spread to the kitchen, so we’re working on all of the ground floor at the same time. We’ve got a big splodge of tester paint in our bedroom, and we know what we want to do with that. We need to finish painting black up the stairs, and then do it on the top floor too, but we also want to put decking in the garden soon…

Damn.  Barry’s forever telling me that we can’t do everything at once, much as I’d like to.  Financially, we definitely can’t do everything at once (unless the lottery plan comes together), and it will probably go very quiet for the rest of this month once we have the flooring in.  I am, however, gearing up for some excellent before and after shots.

It’s easy to get carried away.  I know I’ve talked (or typed) before about DIY and decorating influencing your friends, but it also has a snowball effect on yourselves.  The more we do, the more we want to do, and now that a certain part of the house is almost done and looks great (well, we think so!), it makes you want to keep going.  Just need to rein it in a little bit!  We haven’t even got to photo wall month yet, and we’re already thinking about decking.  In the meantime, our bedroom still looks like a crime scene.  What will we tackle next?

2 thoughts on “Shotgun approach

  1. Rachel@hammeringourwayhome says:

    I love this “shotgun approach”- it aptly suites exactly what we’re doing! Which is super overwhelming, of course. At least you are living in your house though and can just sort of scoot around between rooms (though I’m sure that’s annoying!). I’m currently jumping at the bits to move into our home, but we have a looooong way to go. Le sigh. By the way, I lurve the lights in your header- where are these hanging in your house? We’re doing all recessed lighting, but I noticed you have that, too, in the photo, so it gave me hope we could add some chandelier type lights too!

    • Chelle says:

      I agree Rachel, it is really overwhelming, but isn’t it easy to get carried away? It was very annoying living without a functional kitchen for a few weeks, so I can only imagine the pressure you’re putting on yourselves to try and get the house liveable! I’m now following your blog, by the way, it’s going to look fabulous!

      The lights are hanging in our living room. We went a bit mad with the lighting in there – check out

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