Lovely Jubilee

Well, I can’t say that I did much for the Jubilee, sadly, but never mind.  I watched part of the boat pageant and learnt a new word: flotilla.  They used it every two minutes until it has eventually become a part of my vocabulary.  We also watched the concert and was very confused – firstly, why didn’t they let Rolf Harris finish his song?  Know your audience!  Secondly, did Stevie Wonder think it was the Queen’s birthday?  I’m surprised nobody had informed him why he was there.  We also watched part of yesterday’s service, but mostly to see what Kate was wearing.

Apart from that, we have done no DIY (surprise, surprise!).  I’m off for the rest of the week, so if I can bear lifting a paintbrush, I may have a look at the skirting boards.  We have attended a first birthday party (happy birthday, Finley!), seen Prometheus (2/5, don’t bother, just watch Alien again, it was better), had pizza TWICE at Pizza Express (eek!), and seen Dirty Dancing (the musical) at the theatre with the girls, which was such a laugh!

I’ve also been awarded the extraordinary honour of being my friend Charlie’s chief bridesmaid, so need to get my thinking cap on for that once they’ve set a date…

2 thoughts on “Lovely Jubilee

    • Chelle says:

      It is, but the guilt of the painting is weighing heavily on me! Not heavy enough to actually take action, but it keeps sneaking looks at me when it thinks I’m not looking.

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