Wedding scrapbook

Wedding scrapbook

Following my success with the recipe scrapbook, I decided to get cracking with my wedding scrapbook for a bit more cathartic organisation.  I started filling it with my wedding ideas from before the day, along with some memory bits like ribbon from the bridesmaids’ dresses, our flight stubs and honeymoon itinerary.  We only got married a mere six and a half years ago. I did do a bit when I was pregnant and on maternity leave, but other things soon beckoned (like the SATC boxset, hello Helen!), and it fell by the wayside.  I’ve found a renewed energy for wanting these things sorted now, firstly to keep them away from little sticky hands, and secondly to preserve them for when the owner of those little sticky hands becomes interested in mummy and daddy’s wedding and I can show her everything we (or I) did to prepare for it.

Wedding scrapbook 1

You may be wondering why I’m managing to all of a sudden keep my blog updated after a few months of inaction after the birth of our daughter.  The most important factor has been an established bedtime, phew!  The second has been my shiny new laptop, which will replace my trusty iMac.  While I bid a sad farewell to it, it’s just not been possible to make it up to the study with any kind of regularity and it’s been much easier to bring the computer to me instead.

Between this and the mountains of papers with the wedding scrapbook no longer occupying space on my desk, it looks like I’ve got loads of room there now, and I might even need a new project!  A tiny one, let’s not go mad.

2 thoughts on “Wedding scrapbook

    • Chelle says:

      You’re embarrassing me, Karen, you got married THIS YEAR! Definitely do your honeymoon album. Ours are still all digital, apart from a few that we have up in the house. Don’t tell me I need to do one of those as well…? My wedding scrapbook had a bit at the back for the honeymoon, the itinerary, our wristbands, the menu from the flight (yum!), but no photos…

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