My shameful secret

I may get lambasted for this by the pro-craft crowd, but I’m a bit embarrassed to admit… my name’s Michelle and I like to cross-stitch.  Lambasted for the embarrassment, not for the sewing itself.  I’m not getting any time to do it at the moment, but I started a baby sampler for Scarlett’s room before she was born and I am going to try my best to finish it soon.  Before she’s five.  Definitely before she’s ten.  Would it be a nice graduation present?

I love doing little bits as gifts for people, I’ve only ever had them gratefully received as I think you can see the time, work and care that goes into them.  I’ve sewn cards, bookmarks, and framed pictures, small and large.  I’ve made quite a few birth samplers, including one that I started when I was about fourteen or fifteen and took me years to complete.  It was around A3 sized and a lot of it was a deep blue – I remember clearly taking care over every stitch.  Couldn’t wait to start another colour.

SamplerI’m not trying to blow my own trumpet, I’m just trying to explain why I keep doing it even though I’m a bit embarrassed by it at the same time.  It’s worth it for the reactions from people alone.  And it’s quite relaxing to do (unless I go wrong and have to undo stitches, that is just awful).  It does make me feel a bit older than my time though, especially when I think about when I started (probably around the age of ten).My friend Charlie (I hope she won’t mind me saying) burst into tears at the sampler I made recently for her gorgeous son, it was a bit late but she wanted something for his nursery wall so I made it as a surprise.

Sampler 1

So here’s the one I’ve been working on, mostly when I was on maternity leave.  I have loads left to do and no idea when I’ll do it.  Maybe when Scarlett’s gone to bed.  Or school.  This is my new project anyway, now the recipe and wedding scrapbooks are complete.

Oh, and here’s what it should look like in the end.  Only, you know, not with Christopher on it.  Or Christopher’s date of birth.

Do you have a shameful hobby (keep it clean, people)?

2 thoughts on “My shameful secret

  1. KarenAnita says:

    Oh i absolutely ADORE this! & I have a secret too….I’ve been wanting to try cross stitching for AGES! I’ll join you in your little secret hehe How do I begin? xx

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