We’ve finally got the polka dot birdie hooks up on the nursery wall, which means we can hang Scarlett’s hearts on there.  The birds were really cheap from eBay, but I think they look effective and go with the theme of the room and the wall stickers that are on the other side.

About time too, everything was just gathering dust on her windowsill.  We’ve got even more frames that we need to put photos in, but think I’ll wait a bit because we’ve just had quite a few printed.

Scarlett will be going into her own room this week as she’s six months old on Wednesday (where does the time go?), and then this room will become properly hers.  Place your bets on how much sleep I’ll get the first night she sleeps on her own…

3 thoughts on “Birdies

    • Chelle says:

      Way! I’ll have to put up a new photo of her this week because it’s her six-month-iversary. It’s a thing. Thanks about the room, I’m tempted to swap because hers is done and ours STILL looks like someone’s been shot in there.

      Love the kitchen plans by the way! I definitely spied B&Q’s design programme because we had a very similar printout from them!

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