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Barry’s bedtime reading at the moment is looking at houses online.  We’re not planning on moving any time soon (if any of my colleagues are reading this, don’t jump to conclusions!), but it’s nice to look.  He went as far (too far, in my opinion!) as sending an email asking for more information on one particular house, which is quite near to where my mum lives.

The estate agent called and left a voicemail the next morning to say that they’d arranged for an agent from our local office to come and value our house on Saturday at 9.45am.  Very proactive.  A bit too pushy.  But Barry thought, hey, why not?  We were interested in seeing whether the work on the kitchen (in which we sacrificed a downstairs bathroom and hallway for twice the kitchen) would have affected the value.

So, tidy, tidy, tidy, hide things, etc… the gentleman from William H Brown came and was very nice, had a sales spiel, but of course they do… and the news wasn’t too bad.  Not quite as much as what we paid, but we’ve added £10k with the work on the kitchen, compared to other houses that are for sale on our street.  There was a lot of talk of it being a USP, which is great, and he predicted the market would be even more buoyant in six months, if we wanted it revaluing.

I’m sure everyone thinks they would choose their own house over others, but we genuinely would be more attracted to a house with a comparatively huge kitchen that required no work.

I think Barry was cringing waiting for the numbers (I won the bet we had on beforehand, by the way), but we were both pleasantly surprised.  Now, back to dreaming…

2 thoughts on “House valuation

  1. KarenAnita says:

    Ooo I think that’s awesome! Well done. Whilst we are not planning on moving ANY time soon, we will definitely get the house re-valued after we’ve finished the kitchen. My curious bran can’t help but wonder just how much money we may have put onto the property. Fingers crossed! x

    • Chelle says:

      We were a bit nervous about it, even though we’re not planning on moving either… we just didn’t want to have wiped £10k off the value by losing a room! It probably is a matter of taste though. You will add to your value because you’re adding space too (and not losing anything other than a section of garden).

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