Since I last posted in early December (I’m just going to breeze past the shame), we’ve obviously had a Christmas tree and decorations up and down, you missed the awesome Christmas bunting and Santa’s sack I made, so I’ll save that for next year.

We’ve also painted over the splodge of hot pink on our bedroom wall because I’m sick of looking at it.  Not painted the entire wall, you understand.  Just painted over the splodge in off-white it so it’s not as much of an eyesore.

Along with making FOURTEEN dresses and some other orders for Baby Brain, I’ve been busy busy busy with work, other sewing projects, and trying to stop my baby eating furballs made from my hair amalgamated under the sofa (mostly unsuccessfully).

A new addition to the kitchen is a range of magnetic drawer and cupboard locks so Scarlett can’t accidentally find the hand blender, have pans crashing down on her head, or drink laundry liquid.  We have a hard enough time stopping her from climbing into the dishawasher on a regular basis.  We wanted some that you didn’t have to screw into the shiny gloss cabinets we’d so carefully chosen, so went with the magnetic ones.

I’m getting used to them now, it’s been a couple of weeks, but for the first week, I nearly yanked my arm off trying to open cupboards.  Those magnets are strong!  I was also warned to get a spare key to open the locks (by the way, you need to remember where they’re placed or you go all over the place trying to listen for that click!).  I didn’t.  I’m cheap.  I may regret this decision, but you live and you learn…

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