White stripes

Kiki 1Not much decorating going on at the homestead at the moment, so I thought I’d show you the handwork of one of my friends, Kiki.

Kiki’s home is awash with colour, it’s got real personality and she’s painting anything that stands still long enough!

Kiki 2Her daughter Violet is the same age as Scarlett, and she’s just decorated her nursery – she’s very much feeling the coral at the moment.

Kiki used Pinterest to gather inspiration before deciding on the final theme.  Decorating the bedroom in coral stripes took a lot of tape, a steady hand and the patience of a saint.

Kiki 3I know the power point (bottom left of the wall) drove her mad that it fell within the coral stripe, but once the bedroom furniture was replaced, you can’t even tell.

The colourful nature of the fabrics in the rest of the Kiki 4room and the white furniture means the wall doesn’t overpower; it’s an interesting backdrop to a lovely nursery.

What do you think?  I love it!



2 thoughts on “White stripes

  1. KarenAnita says:

    This is GORGEOUS. I was so desperate to so a striped feature wall in our nursery but I had real trouble convincing Joe. Maybe I’ll just add them in whilst I’m on maternity leave when he’s gone back to work hehe 😉 xx

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