Craft fair: the aftermath

Craft fair 1OK, so don’t get excited.  The craft fair was a total bust.  I was a bit sad about it because I’d been so excited, but these things happen.

I was very proud of the way my stall looked.  I went into this with my friend Lenka, who bakes beautiful cakes, and we were supposed to be sharing a stall, but when we arrived they’d given us an extra long pair of tables as someone had called in sick.

They gave us the option of having a shared stall, as planned, or splitting the tables up.  We decided to split them so that customers would have less of a mixed message (cakes?  dresses?), and it worked really well and we still got to sit together and have a chat.

Craft fair 2 Which turned out to be most of the day.  I single-handedly brought half of the footfall through the door, and my friends know about my handmade stuff already.  However, I have to stress how lovely it was to have the support of my friends coming.  My mum cried because she was so proud, softie that she is.

Craft fair 3

The excitement when we were first setting up was fabulous!  Lenka hadn’t gone to bed until 4am (and to be fair, she did a bit better than me at the fair), so we were both on the coffees from early on!  Even though many people didn’t buy, I handed out quite a few leaflets which had vouchers on, so I’m hoping that the effects may continue after the fair.

On my other side was a lovely lady selling beautiful silver jewellery (see her facebook page here), who gave me some good tips for next time and further ideas about selling on Etsy.

So, not all was lost!  Bit of promotion, sold a couple of bits and some fab ideas for moving Baby Brain forward.

2 thoughts on “Craft fair: the aftermath

  1. KarenAnita says:

    Aw well done you Chelle! Don’t be disheartened if you didn’t shift much. The stall looks fab and these things take time. And I’ve liked your Facebook page 😉 xx

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