Plans for bed

Yellow bed 2I have an idea for our bed.  Put those thoughts to one side, this is a house and home blog.

The reason we fell in love with our house was the master bedroom.  And the reason we fell in love with our bedroom is the light that comes from both sides of the house; it fills the space and makes it feel twice as big.

We used to have a standard double bed in there (now swapped to our spare room), but I had my eye on a huge yellow four poster Hemnes bed from Ikea for a while, when one day it was on offer in store and we bought it, just like that.  That was a few years ago now.

Yellow bedAt first, I loved it.  We moved the beds round when I was pregnant and there was so much more space for us plus my huge bump that it seemed really luxurious.  Still does.  Then when Scarlett was born, I could feed her in the bed without feeling like I would squash or smother her when she fell asleep beside us.  I had pictures in my head of voile curtains covering the four corners and gently falling down to the floor.

But now I’m missing the light!  It’s not like it’s an antique, hulking, dark wood four poster, but the lines break up the room, the voiles would have made it worse, and I’ve had enough. These photos aren’t the best example of the light, but you can (dimly) see the bed.

My masterplan is basically to attack it with a saw.  Chop the whole of the top off.  I haven’t decided where to stop yet – I’ve been Googling bedknobs (which automatically brings up broomsticks), because you could make a whole feature of them. And the other part of the plan would be to paint it white. I’m hoping that the yellow can be covered! The yellow’s good fun, but seemed a bit more appropriate when it was in the spare room.  We’re grown ups now, don’t you know?

I initially had my heart set on Annie Sloan chalk paint, mostly based on this blog post from welliguessthisisgrowingup where Karen transformed a dresser (and sign up to Karen’s blog by the way, it’s amazing!).  However, due to the very strict stockist list they keep and the high prices for a lowly peasant like me, I was struggling to think when this could become a priority enough to actually bite the bullet and do it.  One of my online mum buddies, Phoebe, mentioned that she’d tried Annie Sloan and B&Q’s chalk paint and really recommended the “cheap” stuff as it provided similar coverage.

So now I have a plan!  In the meantime, I’ll keep searching for bedknobs (not broomsticks) and I’ll keep you updated!

3 thoughts on “Plans for bed

  1. KarenAnita says:

    Oh Chelle you are so sweet! Thanks for the shout out 🙂
    I know what you mean about Annie Sloan. The colours are gorgeous and I’m really happy with my results, BUT since I did my dresser, I’ve found so many more options! I’ve bought a tin of furniture primer (which I think was B&Q own brand) and after a base of that I think you can use any type of paint on top of it – so the world is your oyster! I think it would just need a coat of wax for protection but again I’ve heard really good things about the range at B&Q. Much more affordable and local to everyone 🙂
    Can’t wait to see what you end up doing! xxx

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