New year, new… home?

We’re way off buying a new house, but we’re stepping up the search now.  As Scarlett is nearly two, her school options are coming closer and closer, and we’ve started thinking now might be a good time to have a look to see what’s available on Ye Olde Rightmove.

We started looking in two directions: towards my work and towards my hometown.  These are diametrically opposed.  We went as far as to view a house near my work this weekend.  It was a beautiful Victorian house, gorgeous stained-glass windows with light pouring in, big kitchen, porches, nooks and crannies, and period features everywhere.  Needed loads of work to make it live-able, so slightly out of our price range because of that.  We could have worked with it.  But it didn’t feel right.  We’d have been moving to an area we didn’t know, to be closer to a job that I don’t know how long I’ll have.  And no closer to familial support, which is what we’re lacking.

So we had a sit-down, and decided that we’re going to limit our search to a little town in East Yorkshire where I grew up.  Not much comes up there, house-wise but we’re prepared to wait.  Our list of must-haves and would-be-nice-to-haves is long.  Must have at least three bedrooms, ideally four, a space like a garage, big kitchen, garden, ideally older but not falling apart, and I would love to have an ensuite – I know, I’ve been spoiled here and I don’t want to let it go!  We’re willing to do some work, but the price would need to reflect that.

The thought of having family and family friends around us, Scarlett attending the Infants and Junior School I went to, having people there in case of an emergency, being able to walk around the quaint town I love… it’s all drawing me in.  And with a bit of support, I could still stay in my current job if I wanted.  Now, back to Rightmove…

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