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Ashley Thomas bedding Lorna 2There’s nothing quite like new bedding.  I love it.  I’m also more than slightly addicted to the At Home with Ashley Thomas range at Debenhams at the moment.  Santa brought us some eye-catching Heirloom Ashley Thomas cups (which are also the optimum size for my cup of tea) and this beautiful Lorna bedding, which I had my eye on since painting our bed blue.  Santa was especially generous because he also upgraded us to Superking sized bedding, quilt included.  It’s huge!

Ashley Thomas bedding Lorna 4Excuse the slightly scrumpled look – judge away, but I don’t iron bedding.  I consider it a win if I get the time to iron my work clothes, so I’m certainly not ironing my bedding.

I loved it immediately because it’s got lots of lovely features: it’s floral, ruffly, lacy and polka dotty all at once, which might sound Ashley Thomas bedding Lorna 3like a nightmare for some (written down, that really does sound too much!), but I think really works in these gentle hues.

So what does a girl do when she’s given some gorgeous bedding?  Erm… buy some more.  In my defence, we needed to wash this at some point, and we didn’t have anything in this size in the house.  And it was the January sales.

Ashley Thomas bedding HeirloomI just so happened to see this Heirloom bedding at Debenhams (same designer) for half price. I may or may not have had it bookmarked along with the other one. It’s double-sided, which I hadn’t known until I got it out of the packet, and I like the navy floral “back” just as much as the multi-coloured “front”, which is how it’s advertised.

I did try, but Scarlett wouldn’t get Ashley Thomas bedding Heirloom 3down for this photo, so I’m pretty sure she prefers the blue.

Thank you, Santa, you know who you are!



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