I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on Rightmove recently.  As much time as I can, given I have a toddler, work part-time, study part-time, and have pursuits outside of these things too.

It’s a bit addictive.  Almost as addictive as that ridiculous Hay Day game (note to self, must check on my cotton; it takes forever to grow).

Because I don’t have much time, I now subscribe to email alerts, except because I’ve specified such a small geographical area, they don’t come through very often, so I keep going back on to check I haven’t missed any exciting new properties.

I have to say, I’m loving the iPhone app.  The search function is easy to navigate, it’s got an alert system that I mentioned, and you can nick the photos via printscreen when the full site doesn’t allow you to take them. I’ve even used it to book a valuation on our house (next week, exciting!).  Now I just need to stop my mum texting me about houses she’s driven past and knows nothing about (“There’s a house on Hailgate on with Screetons!  No, no idea how much or how many bedrooms.”).

I’m not sure we’d have the balls to list our house ourselves using Rightmove; I think we’d have to go through an agent.  Feel free to tell me if you (or someone you know) sold your own house!

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