For sale

Our house is up for sale!  I’m sad, nervous and excited in equal measure.  It’s the house we nagged and nagged Barratts to reduce until they gave in, and it’s the house we struggled with mortgage payments for three tough years to pay until we were out of our insane fixed rate.

It’s the house we fell in love with because of the bedroom at the top with all the light.  The one where we went to the showhouse six times with different groups of people before they’d even accepted an offer.  It’s the kitchen project that we needed at a difficult time in our lives.

This is the house where we brought Scarlett after she was born.  This was where she had her first bath.  Her first bedroom.  The garden was where she had her first unaided steps.

We’ve made some wonderful memories in this house, and my friends remind me that it is just a house.  Of course it is.  But I will still be sad to leave it, every room.

It might sell next month; it might take a year.  But I’ll enjoy it while we’re here because this is a house of wonderful memories.  And I’ll look forward to our next one.

7 thoughts on “For sale

  1. KarenAnita says:

    Aw I’ve only just seen this Chelle! I think I’d feel exactly the same. We’ll probably outgrow this house one day but I would definitely feel SO sentimental about leaving. Hope the house hunting goes well for you! xx

    • Chelle says:

      It is sad, but we’re now at the stage where we’ve made the decision so we’re itching to leave! We have a house with an offer accepted, just need a buyer for ours! 🙂 xx

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