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Our magnolia and white bedroom wallWe had another viewing this week (about time too, it’s been weeks), and this wall really jarred as soon as I showed the visitors through the door – it’s right opposite the doorway in our bedroom.  

As I’ve posted before, we painted a hot pink tester on this wall a few years ago, then I covered it up in white, thinking it would be easier to cover than the pink when it came to doing the whole thing.  And then we never got round to it.

The viewers didn’t say anything – in fact, they loved that room most – but we’ve had no offer and I’m trying to think of ways for us to make it easy for people, should they come through the door (why aren’t they coming through the door?).

Now, we’re not painting it for us (and I’d have eschewed hot pink by now anyway).  We’re aiming for that intangible, immeasurable state of purchasing nirvana called “ready to move in” or, “it doesn’t need anything doing”.  We’re painting for an indeterminate future buyer who we don’t know, so the way to please everyone (or nobody) is to pick a neutral that won’t offend.

As we don’t intend to paint the whole room, just that wall, we can’t choose magnolia or white, and because I painted the bed blue, it needs to be a colour that complements that otherwise it will look odd.  I was personally going to go for a blue again, but I think it might seem a bit much (putting my house selling hat on), and blues can come off as cold.  With this in mind, I’m off to find a purple (one that has the similar dusky, yet rich feel as the green in the living room) and we’ll crack on come the next bank holiday.

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