We put an offer in on a house a few months ago, it was near where we wanted to be (but not quite).  We just found out that it’s been sold to someone in a better position.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it… I’m thinking it’s gone because it wasn’t meant to be and something better for us will come up.

We’re not exactly in a position of power while we wait idly for viewings (that mostly haven’t been forthcoming), so we’re thinking more about how we’d go about renting if need be.  We’re more than ready to start our new life in the new place, so it makes sense to just go, whether we had a house to buy or not.

Anyway, it would be a good problem to have – one I’d more than happily handle – if someone fancies swinging by and buying our house.  It would also leave us in the better position when it comes to purchasing if we didn’t have one to sell at the same time.

Our house has been up for sale since January and we’re considering switching estate agents shortly.  I think it’s a market issue more than an agent issue, but it can’t hurt to be bumped back up the Rightmove rankings and get some fresh eyes looking.


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