Testing, testing

This is the wall that just refuses to paint itself.

Paint colour booklets from various DIY shopsFollowing the slathering of a hot pink tester on our bedroom wall, in, ahem, March 2012, we’ve had to look at the crime scene every time we walked in our bedroom door.  It had got to the point where we didn’t see it any more.  And when I did see it one day, I painted over it in white to make it easier to cover when the whole wall was painted.  There was probably a year between these two events.

Anyway, showing people round our house really highlighted it to me, so I started the hunter-gatherer equivalent of paint sample accumulation. We’re lucky enough to have a Wickes, Homebase and a B&Q almost on our doorstep, so I collected these brochures and lots of those little cards that B&Q do for their fancy pants, custom-mix range.

Tester pot - Wickes Twilight MistI knew I wanted a dusky purple, but trying to find a colour that Barry and I could agree on was a little more difficult.  Basically, he liked purples with a lot of grey in them (agreed), but whichever colour I brought to his attention was too dark.

We finally compromised when I made the leap of buying a paint tester from Wickes.  I say compromise… I just bought it.  There were some lovely colours in B&Q’s fancy pants range (not the actual title, although that would be super), probably exactly what we wanted actually, but I couldn’t justify the cost.

Tester on a testerSo, in short, I bought Twilight Mist (who thinks of these names?) from Wickes, painted it on the wall in the patch that’s probably 6 coats of paint deep by now, Barry said it was too dark, but hey, do it anyway, and I’ll show you the results next time.

Sorry for the dark photo.  It was dark.

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