Purple haze

There’s this wall that has been the bane of my home and my blog and my mind, I’ve brought it up for at least three years, and at last it’s done.

After painting the tester of Twilight Mist (again, whaaaaat?) on the wall in our bedroom and disregarding the opinion of my husband (spoiler, it turns out alright), I decided to go and buy a full tin and a cheap roller set from Wickes and just do it.  When I say just do it, I meant for Barry to just do it, but that didn’t happen, and it didn’t paint itself, so I did it as it turns out.

The paint and roller set cost me less than £18 because the paint was on offer.  As this is a purely cosmetic issue I was fixing to sell the house, it seemed like a good deal to me.

I painted round the edges (freehand, I’m crazy, me) and then rolled away in the middle bits.  It’s a bit like colouring in.  Because I’m so very, very, slow at painting (in my defence, I’d been for an hour-long run and this was like an extended exercise class immediately afterwards), I also found that I was quite particular, so I got good coverage the first time round.  Here is the wall drying, to break up the text:wall painted purple but not yet dryI had about quarter of the tin left – obviously not enough for a full second coat – so I picked my favourite bits and treated them to a second coat.  Because I’d been careful with the first coat, this actually turned out pretty well.

Wall painted with Wickes' Twilight MistSo this is what viewers see when they walk through the bedroom door… I’m happy.

Purple wall from doorwayThe house had better sell immediately.  This took most of my Sunday.

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