Funky flowers

Paper flowers in living roomA lot of my friends have very good taste, so when my friend Charlie mixed paper flowers in with real ones for the table at her wedding last year, it obviously looked great, whilst feeding her very real addiction to Etsy.

She kept some as a memory of their big day and displays them in her living room (not in her garden, that was all me).

Paper flowers on the grassArtificial flowers conjures up images to me of dusty plastic tat, but these are seriously lovely, bright coloured, patterned and really eye-catching, so now I have flower envy.

I’m trying to hold off until we move (if we ever move), so that they fit the room that I use them for… yes, I am an Etsy stalker, I tracked them down, and yes, I am copying Charlie but look at them.

Paper flowers in grassThe Etsy shop, lillesyster, has some gorgeous colour and pattern combos going on, with this yellow and teal combo, pink and white chevrons in another bouquet, and my new favourite, bright yellows and different shades of grey.  I just need to control myself until we’ve moved because there’s no point buying them for them to get squashed.

I have received nothing for this review, but if you’re listening, lillesyster, I sure would love some of your fleurs, they’re real purdy.

4 thoughts on “Funky flowers

    • Chelle says:

      Do it! They’ve kept really “fresh” for over a year and survived my friend’s recent house move! If I had any idea of colour schemes when I move (I don’t), I’d be getting some now.

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