Pretty, colourful flowers

All the flowersWe visited Homebase last week, a harrowing trip where we lost Scarlett for a full five minutes and found her in the outdoor bit, presumably returning to a plaster of Paris sheep that had taken her fancy. I actually ran round with a full trolley balanced with flowers without thinking to just abandon it.  Great cardio.

We managed to gather ourselves enough to pay for our purchases: lots of flowers for the long planter in the back garden, and two hanging baskets which were on offer, presumably because Britain is not likely to see the sun again this decade.

Back garden 2015To give credit where it’s due, Barry did all of this with Scarlett as I had an assignment due, and he’s done a great job.  He dug up all of the strawberries that had run wild in the planter (we had a fantastic haul over the last few months), and replaced them with violas, sweet williams, false heather and begonias.  No idea what was in the hanging baskets, but I’ll be writing a separate post on them.  Pretty, colourful flowers.

Pretty flowersI honestly couldn’t tell you one flower from another without those useful little cards that come planted in the pots – I know now that these pink and white stunners are sweet williams (how lovely are they?). I tend to just pick based on what they look like rather than whether they’ll survive the week.

Planter with flowersAs the flowerbed is quite long, the full trolley of flowers hasn’t really filled it, but it’s provided some colour in the garden.

One more thing that Barry bought was five little cream lanterns for tealight candles, which we’ve placed around the garden. We haven’t lit them yet, but they provide a bit more interest at eye level, and I think they’d look lovely lit up if we get another balmy evening in 2015.


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