Double chocolate and raspberry tart

Chocolate & raspberry tartI’ve been hanging round third place on our GBBO leaderboard, and it’s sadly too late to change that now. But, I’m determined to go out fighting!

Here’s my double chocolate and raspberry tart. I got lucky with these raspberries – look at them, they’re neon! – as they’re almost out of season, but these were really tasty.

Chocolate pastry brushed with chocolateThe recipe is from my baking bible – I can’t go wrong with this book. Buy it. I chose this one as an homage to the gorgeous chocolate and raspberry cake in the GBBO opening credits.

I’ve basically made crisp chocolate pastry (at which I am much improved now), brushed with melted dark chocolate. I then made a chocolate crème pâtissière (first time ever, had no clue what on earth I was doing), let everything cool, put the cream into the tart case and then pushed the fresh raspberries into it, with a dusting of icing sugar.

IMG_1738I bought a tart tin just for this, but I’m glad I did as it makes such a difference to the presentation. And I’m extra proud of this one, as it was a rush job in between three house viewings in one day (cross your fingers and toes please).

I’m proud to have been given Star Baker for this one!

Chocolate and raspberry tart

Here are some of my other attempts from previous weeks…


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