Wishlists and compromises

We accepted an offer on our house in late February, and hoped this meant we would have moved well ahead of the baby’s due date, which is late June. We don’t have an exchange date yet.  We’re still waiting. And waiting…

In the meantime, we’ve been looking at houses up for both sale and rent in the area we’re going to live – all of which seem to have been snapped up just as we are approaching a time we can do something about it. We’re now at the point where we’re justifying trying to cram four people and the contents of a four-bed house into a two-bed rental while we look for something to buy.

Our search criteria has been admittedly fairly restricted by my desire to live in Howden, the small town in East Yorkshire where I grew up – I want my kids to go to the same school and have the lovely childhood I had.  I want them to be surrounded by fields and not by 24-hour shops. But the wishlist that we developed over the year and a half (nearly) since we put our house up for sale was for our dream home without compromises, and the house prices where we’re going don’t lend themselves to us being able to tick off every single thing on that list.

We made an offer a couple of weeks ago on a property that came up just on the outskirts of town.  I wasn’t totally convinced, but was going with it.  How can I be so prescriptive when we’re moving closer to my family?  It wasn’t the perfect location, but nearly; it had three beds, not four; it had space around it and development potential, but how would we fund any development… we didn’t get it anyway.  Easy to think something’s not meant to be if you weren’t too invested in it from the off.

We’ve just put another offer in on a property slightly outside of my original search parameters.  It’s less than four miles away from Howden and the kids could still attend Howden’s schools.

I was absolutely unconvinced when Barry dragged me to see this one.  Quick glance at the photos, yes, looked nice (lime green kitchen though!), but I was blinkered by the fact that it wasn’t close enough to town for me.

So it knocked me for six when we got there and I absolutely loved it.  I think Barry was more surprised than me.  We went on Saturday, which was a cracking day to view a house.  The sun was shining, after the viewing we went for lunch in Howden and then to the park – it was idyllic.  The house just had a great feeling about it, and I know we’d be really happy there.

It’s a three-bed semi-detached cottage next door to a church in a tiny village that doesn’t even have a shop.  A few years ago, it was a two-bed cottage, and the current owners extended it to add a kitchen and living area downstairs and another bedroom and ensuite upstairs.  It’s surrounded by fields, and the garden is immense, which scares me a bit.

One of my main items on the wishlist was that I wanted to be close enough to town to walk for a pint of milk… that is definitely not happening here.  But I can imagine running would be fantastic round there.

The third bedroom is really tiny.  I mean, I would feel sorry for our poor little boy, it’s so tiny, but we have ideas and some time.

No, it doesn’t tick all of the boxes – but what house really does?  It’s slightly under our budget, and we already have ideas for a further extension if it’s possible, so it could become more of what we’d originally wanted.  Cross your fingers!

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