Going full croissant

IMG_4600I’ve had a crack at making almond croissants.  I strongly suspect these would have turned out better if I’d parked the almond element for my first attempt, but no.  I had to go full croissant.

The end result appears quite nice, but to be fair, a sprinkle of icing sugar and a kindly Instagram filter, and I’d probably look like hot stuff too.

I started off pretty well.  I mean.  Check out my layers, if I may say so.  These aren’t a quick bake – you have to start these the day before.  It’s quite satisfying braying a full pack of butter with a rolling pin, although you do have to park the thought of it being an entire 250g of butter.


So far, so good; however, I had no clue what on earth I was doing when it came to the folding, and these had the added element of almond paste to try and encapsulate within the folds.  Yes, more butter.

IMG_4594FullSizeRenderIt meant that when I took them out of the oven, the almond paste had largely made a break for it, and the croissants had kind of half-fried, rather than baked, in the heat.  They had a flavour a bit like churros, with added almondyness.

Still, an ok first attempt, although I wish I’d at least made half normal, half almond, as I suspect normal ones would have turned out pretty well.

FullSizeRender (1)


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