The final countdown

It’s supposed to be two weeks to our moving date now.  The bank are due to release the mortgage approval any minute now (they’ve confirmed it verbally, but we need that piece of paper!), and our previously complacent buyers are all of a sudden pushing for confirmation of the date now.

We’ve started packing up some bits, like light fittings and all of those photos from the living room, and are listing the last bits on eBay – the spare bed, the table and chairs from the kitchen, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave… they’re all going.  It’s beginning to look real now that we have bare lights and walls, along with boxes everywhere!  We’re intending to get movers to pack up the vast majority though – I don’t think I’ll be in a condition to help with this move (37 weeks pregnant today!), so I’ll be pretty much staying out of the way.

New houseI thought I’d be sad at leaving this house, from the time we’ve spent here (8 years!), the memories made and the work we’ve put in, but right now, I’m not.  Not sure if it’s the pregnancy only leaving so much emotion for other things, just a general wearing down over the last 17 months since we put it up for sale, or looking forward to our next house (look!), but I’m not sad at all.  Maybe I will be when the rooms are all empty.


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