Contracts and contractions

I’m running a little behind on the news here… I have lots to share with you, and little time to type it out.  I have many snaps on my phone already, but am struggling to type up words to go with them.  In short, we had a baby.

I was booked in to be induced two weeks early, although went into labour the day before anyway.  Barry was literally on the phone to our solicitor to ensure that the contracts had been signed by our vendors as I was having contractions.

Jude was born the early hours of the following morning, and we moved when he was six days old… getting movers in to pack everything for us, move everything we own 60 miles away and reassemble beds, wardrobes, tables – the best money we spent!  So, now we’re residents of East Yorkshire (once again, for me), Scarlett’s already settled into her new nursery (she even received a party invitation yesterday!) and Barry’s back at work after paternity leave.  Jude and I are trying out the local children’s groups and we’re getting used to having to drive to the shop for a pint of milk as there’s not even a shop in the tiny village in which we now live.

Here are a few internal photos from the Rightmove listing to keep you going until I can spare more time to let you know everything we’ve been up to!

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  1. atkokosplace says:

    Congratulations!!!! Wow. So exciting. Yes babies often come along when they want to. Both mine were early. I guess they were just too excited to see the world! Best wishes to you and your darling family!!!!! 🙂

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