In with the new

I left you last time with us walking through the door of the new house, in true cliffhanger fashion.  I was a bit nervous that I’d built it up to be more than it actually was.  Although the sale went through from initial offer to moving day in bang on six weeks, we had only viewed the property once, I’d been a bit thunderstruck by the beauty of the house and garden, having not expected to like it, and I was wondering whether our desperation to find a house to buy (or even rent) had blinkered us a bit.

I needn’t have worried.  We were giddy going in and exploring it again, and if anything, it was better than I’d remembered.

View from the swingThe family that we bought from had cleaned the house thoroughly, left us a new baby card, a letter with instructions for various things, and a gardening book to get us started – how lovely is that?  I sat on the garden swing and fed Jude while Scarlett bounced on the trampoline and the movers lifted everything into the house.

A big shout out to Mr Shifter (based in Eccleshill), the four guys did a great job of packing and moving our house.  Everyone winced when we said we’d be moving when I was two weeks off my due date, and even more so when it turned out we would have a tiny infant to move… and all the “stuff” that comes with them!  Hiring these guys was a great decision, it made it as pain-free as it could possibly have gone.  They put everything into the right rooms at this end, rebuilt our beds, Scarlett’s wardrobe (in Jude’s room), and dining table, and barely stopped grafting, even for a cuppa.

Scarlett's new roomOur priority was then getting Scarlett’s bedroom as close to sorted as possible, so that she wasn’t scared about sleeping in the new house as she’d be surrounded by her own things – this was taken right before bedtime!

Her wardrobe and drawers were put in Jude’s room as they’re a set with the cotbed and we were intending to get her a new bed – her room luckily has inbuilt furniture.  The movers rebuilt her bed, and we’d kept her bedding handy so she’d have her usual duvet and pillow.  Everyone slept like logs!

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