Getting a handle on it

HandlesOur wardrobe in the old house was procured (IKEA, of course) when we bought our first home back in 2006, and we knew it would probably disintegrate if it had to do another move, so we put it on eBay before we even moved, and the matching drawers and bedside table have just gone too.

We’d have loved to look at some proper, solid bedroom furniture, but it just wouldn’t make it up the turn in our little stairs (plus, we’d rather put that money into the living room which we all use), so we’ve ended up with a couple of furniture sets from Argos, of all places.

WardrobeWe were a bit worried about the colour before it arrived (described as “putty”) – it looks pale grey on some of the promotional photos and has a yellow tinge on others, but we thought we’d risk it because it was on offer.  It’s fine, they’re grey.  One set was a wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table, and the other was a wardrobe, dressing table and bedside table.

To make it a bit more special, I ordered handles from, plus some pink ones for a chest of drawers I’ll be working on for Scarlett’s bedroom.  I’m very happy with the results – I think they’ve transformed the furniture.

New bedWe also got a new bed to replace the IKEA one that had been hacked and painted… the blind on the top of the stairs got wiped out by the lads valiantly trying to get a superking mattress up our cottage-sized stairs.  That took some doing!

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