The art of walking with nowhere to go

IMG_6270I like walking.  It’s probably borne from the need, because I learned how to drive a bit later than most, but I’d rather walk to the shop than jump in the car.  Unfortunately – and I’ve mentioned this before – that’s one thing we’ve had to sacrifice to live here – there’s no shop.

In fact, other than houses and farms, there are only two other buildings in this village – the village hall and the church next door.

IMG_6266I’m not a wanderer by nature.  I like a destination when I walk, a purpose.  But I’ve been trying to get out with Jude for a walk every day, and for lack of a place to aim for, I’m walking a route that takes me nearly a mile round a nearby field.  This is country life!

There are no road markings for most of the way, it’s only the width of one vehicle, there are no streetlights, and sometimes I see no other people, only cows and horses.  It’s quite relaxing really, and I can already see how interesting the view over the fields is going to be as the seasons change.

I’ve also started running again, and I’m working out a few routes that are exactly 5k door to door.  I’m incorporating a path along the riverbank there too, which is a little difficult to negotiate with a buggy.

And just in case there was any doubt that I was in the country, here’s a picture of a huge pile of poo I passed the other day.  Oo-ar!


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