Fire, fire!

Blue log burnerThe spaces beside the log burner appeared perfect for storing logs.  I’ve never actually seen them stored this way, and it turns out, there’s a reason that people put them in neat little piles in front of their log burners and not next to them.

As it turns out, the log burner gets so hot that even with the door closed, the side of the metal box reaches a temperature that can spark a fire in a log not even inside it.

BookcaseI’m pretty glad that Barry was there when it happened, as I’m the least observant person I know, and I was still wondering why my eyes were stinging a bit as he was already lifting the log in question outside with smoke pouring from it.

The bookcase he’s building for the space on the left hand side of the fireplace has now had a change of plan.  The shelves he’s already built will move up, and we’re going to have a vertical space for logs built into the bookcase by the side of the fire – far away from the heat!

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