Turf’s up

Turf deliveryThe turf arrived in huge rolls on a pallet that the strapping delivery guy couldn’t even pull down the drive. Turf is heavy!  We got lucky that it was a bit damp on the day, as apparently that will help the turf take a bit better than if it was sunny and dry.

I already talked about prepping the garden for the arrival, and on top of clearing the area, Barry spread some fertiliser over the ground right before rolling the new grass out.  He then spread grass seed over it too. You’ll see from the photos, but he sadly bought the wrong kind of weedkiller to get rid of the dandelions and sprayed the garden with a solution that’s killed huge patches of the grass that’s already there – just in case you were wondering!

Garden with turfIt involved a lot of backward and forward with the wheelbarrow, and I wish I could say that I helped, but I was strictly on childcare duties as Jude is in a particularly needy patch, so I literally just kept running out to take photos.  Barry’s filled the space left by the flowerbed and the pond, and curved it round near the swing.

He did over-order by about 20%, so he listed the rest of the turf on a local selling site.  Due to the short shelf-life and lack of responses, though, he found another use for it – I’ll let you know how that went another day.

It’s looking pretty good now, a couple of days on, after being watered a couple of times a day.  Fingers crossed the turf takes, and the dead grass fills in soon!


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