The end of 2016

Merry Christmas fireBy implication, it may seem like chickens require a lot of care, as I haven’t written since October.  They don’t.  I’ve basically just had my hands full of children, baked goods and wrapping paper.  The chickens get thrown some veg and then we steal their eggs.

It’s a bit late to be recording our first Christmas in the new house, but as today is official “How Was Your Christmas” Day as people go back to work and I’m still on maternity leave, I’m writing mine down instead.

We’ve had a great one.  Scarlett was really aware of the build up this year, and sweet Jude had his first Christmas.  Plus, we dressed him up as a snowman.

In November, we went to choose our first real Christmas tree from a farm nearby.  I learned some things.

  1. Oh Christmas treeYou should wear wellies when choosing a Christmas tree in a field.
  2. Don’t go when it’s pissing it down.
  3. Feed the children first.
  4. Let Barry just choose the tree, he’s awesome at it.
  5. 2nd December turns out to be just the right date for tree collection.

We’ll definitely do it again next year, it’s been lovely having a real one for a change.

The living room is looking strangely bereft now the decorations have all been taken down – it really highlights our lack of photos and ornaments.  I’m thinking about the next tasks we need to do, and it falls quite low on the list though.  Finishing the painting and sorting out the front garden are musts. We really need to prioritise!

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