Painting downstairs: a catch-up

I realised that I hadn’t posted some of the most glaringly obvious changes in our house, but there is a reason for it.  We had someone come in to paint the whole of the downstairs but it got left half done and so I never actually wrote about it, still thinking it would be finished off at some point.

Cringing, I’m going back and checking dates; I wrote a post about choosing a green for the kitchen in August, and we had the guy round the same month.  For the sake of showing progress, here are some before and after photos, but bear in mind most of this needs a second coat, no skirts, doors or radiators are painted, and our little toilet is embarrassingly still half lime green and half pale green, six months later. It’s the Harvey Dent of bathrooms.

Kitchen: before

Kitchen: after

Utility room: before


Utility room: after

Little toilet: before

Little toilet: after


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