Creating the orchard

The trees arrived for the little orchard Barry’s creating – this one’s all him – all I’ve done for this is water a couple of trees. He’d allocated an area for it where the chickens are, near to a plum tree, and he’s chosen to plant them with an imaginary path running through there, for when we can get that down.

I was a bit surprised that five trees could be delivered packaged like this, and survive.  They seem ok though, kudos to UPS!

Here are the before and after shots of getting them all planted – not much to it!  Digging holes, popping them in, filling the holes and watering them.  Done.

On the planting front, Barry and Scarlett have been busy little bees.

Spinach is now planted in the greenhouse, and cauliflower and broad bean seedlings are beginning to sprout in the potting shed.  We have thyme, sage, and three types of chillies propagating in the kitchen window.

As well as getting the trees in this weekend, planting potatoes was the other task.  Not sure if anyone envisages me Googling how to plant potatoes whilst vigorously rocking a screaming baby and shouting instructions (“no, FORTY CENTIMETRES”), but that’s how it goes down here.  I used a combination of two articles (from Thompson & Morgan and RHS) for this.

Barry (in his Tom Hardy hat) raked the soil and dug the trenches, Scarlett put the chitted potatoes in, rose side up (get me, it’s the side with the most eyes on it), and then helped to cover them back up.


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