We’re a lot more relaxed about babyproofing this time around.  Not that we don’t want Jude to be any less safe than Scarlett, obviously, but we know what was worthwhile from doing it all last time around.

Everything dangerous is clearly out of reach.  There are a lot of extra cupboards in this house that we didn’t have in the last house, which is handy.  They even left us a lockable medicine cabinet.  Plug covers are contentious… we bought them last time, and then threw them away after reading that they actually make the plug live, so we haven’t got those again.

Kitchen cabinets

We had the magnet-type locks in the last house, but they did scuff the gloss cabinets a bit after a couple of years of use.  Barry laid down the law so we got the safety latch ones this time round.

Baby gate

One of the old Lindam babygates is back up at the top of the stairs, and Jude is really testing it!  We have a door at the bottom of the stairs, but Jude has already worked that one out, so we might have to get a latch for it.


The gaps between the railings at the top of the stairs didn’t seem to meet any modern safety standards.  Although his head probably wouldn’t have fit through, we were pretty terrified Jude would slip through feet first and get his head caught, so this was a priority.  Barry got some square wooden dowels that were pretty similar to what was already there, cut them to size, and then I painted them. He fixed them in place (wow, nail guns are loud!), filled in the gaps with wood filler, and then I painted over the whole lot again with white eggshell paint.  Ignore the blind.  We don’t like the blind.

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