A catch-up with the spring garden

It’s been a bit crazy since I started back at work after maternity leave, and while I think we’re just about managing to keep up with the garden, I’m not doing a very good job of writing about it!

Before the weather totally changes again, I thought I’d just share the photos of the garden that I’ve taken over the last few weeks when the weather was just turning warmer.

The plum trees have been blossoming, they’re really gorgeous. The spinach in the greenhouse is now fully grown and we’ve actually had it in a salad… it’s not as fine as the stuff you’d get from the shops, and tastes quite strong – it gets thinner and more subtle the larger the leaves get. Potatoes and cauliflowers are growing nicely, although something’s had a cheeky nibble on the caulis, so we’ve had to cover them with a big net in case it was butterflies and put down slug pellets just to cover our bases.

Flowers are blooming left, right and centre… I have little idea what most of these are!  We have been working hard to weed as best we can though,

We got three Garden Trading barn lights in clay, which Barry’s put up by the patio doors and at the front.

We’ve harvested a lot of rhubarb, and there’s still more… we’re washing and cutting it, and then freezing it so it doesn’t go to waste.

I ordered some tomato seeds from Heinz a few months ago, and a little packet appeared in the post, weeks later, when I’d forgotten about them.  There were seven seeds in the packet, which I planted in a little propagator tray and about four seem to have taken so far, which we’ll transplant into larger pots soon.

The front garden doesn’t photograph very well!  It’s really busy, so we are intending to do something with it soon, although it does seem to be looking after itself quite well.

So there we have it – our garden in spring! We’ll somehow have been here a full year next month, so we can make a more informed decision about the front when we’ve seen it in every season.

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