No Space Like Home is on Instagram

Short post today – I should have set this up ages ago, but the blog now has its very own Instagram account, whaaaaaaaat? I can upload photos far more often than I get time to sit down and blog, so get over there, Instachums.

I’ve been putting up photos of house stuff on my personal account since I first joined Instagram, but I take hundreds more photos on my phone for the blog that never go anywhere, and before I know it, two seasons have passed and it would just be weird to write about the summer of ’17 when it’s a drizzly January the following year.

So, if you’re wanting more up-to-date squares of NSLH goodness – currently gems like furniture I’m considering for the new kitchen; photos of the house that don’t quite make it to the blog because, you know, kids; the arrival of the many samples I’ve ordered in real time; Jude being a chicken – I’ll see you over there.

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