Ain’t no sunshine

I’m trying really hard to think of a way I can get a yellow sofa into the new kitchen without it being absolutely destroyed by Jude… still thinking on that one!

In an ideal world, I would like a buttery yellow, plump Chesterfield-style sofa in something soft, like velvet. It would be deep but supportive, and have big arms to lean against when I’m reading.

Let’s take this point by point. Yellow is akin to white in the sofa world. Any spills, milk, dribble, worse, are going to show up. We all know this. This is why scotchgarding is super important to my masterplan.

Chesterfield is fine, but it needs to be different to the sofas we have in the living room, which are Chesterfield style, in a pale grey boucle fabric. Which, I will point out, clean up really well after having all sorts spilled on them. We do try and keep food away from them though.

Velvet just sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. I am awaiting peaceful acceptance of this fact. I threw this question out to my friends, one of whom has a beautiful pink velvet sofa from Barker & Stonehouse… which is now hidden away beneath blankets as it retained every single mark, from blue from jeans to fake tan. And let’s face it, yellow would be worse. So I suspect velvet needs to go out of the window altogether.

While I have a think on what I’m willing to compromise on, here’s my current top six list of beautiful yellow sofas.

The Rivington from Chesterfields

Next Godford Buttoned sofa

Joules x DfS Windsor sofa

DfS Fliss sofa

Debenhams’ tweedy weave ‘Chesterfield’ sofa

Joules x DfS Cambridge sofa

One thought on “Ain’t no sunshine

  1. Sarah says:

    Joules Windsor sofa looks best in my opinion. Practically speaking , as it’s a kitchen sofa it’s going to get marked ….our kitchen sofa is beige/brown for a good reason. In living room we ended up covering up the gold Laura ashley sofa with a throw as kids were tiny but now kids are older it’s uncovered . Hope your project goes well.

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