Moving house in a pandemic

This was supposed to be an easy housemove. Just us, the builder and our buyer in the chain. I have no doubt that waking up at three, four, five, and not being able to get back to sleep is par for the course with a standard move… And then there’s this.

This is going to be maudlin and introspective but I feel I need to write it for posterity. Ready?

Coronavirus, COVID-19, is causing so many things to change so quickly, my head’s spinning. Putting aside my worry for my mum and my nanna, trying to move when there’s too much information and too little information at the same time is really difficult.

Is no news good news? We’ve heard absolutely nothing from our solicitors, builder or buyers, which so far we’re hoping means everything is still going ahead. Our home demonstration is booked for tomorrow. The movers are good to go and are still planning to come in six days to pack up the garden and garage. We’re still chasing up the carpet quotes.

On the other hand, all schools are closing tomorrow and rumours are flying around social media about full lockdowns coming with no notice and Italians being charged for being out without a valid reason. Is moving house a valid reason? Who even has this information?

This has been such a lovely house to live in and it feels like a rushed goodbye. I’m sad that the last of our time here is fraught and filled with fear and uncertainty, which I’m trying to hide from the children – still telling them the facts but dialling the emotion down. Scarlett’s afraid her grandparents (and the Easter Bunny) will die.

We’ve been running the freezer and cupboards down for the move and had to buy more bits just in case – no Calpol to be found, came home with mini wraps instead of bread. We won’t starve, I’m being melodramatic, but it’s weird and some people are being selfish. I’ll unpack the KitchenAid and bake bread with Jude later while Scarlett’s in school. Is this how Infants school finishes for her?

I had a whole post about art deco influences planned. Selecting tiles and spending time considering paint colours and furniture seems silly and distant right now, even though that’s what I’ve been doing until a few days ago. The builder messed up the tiles so we’re they’re laying turf and extending the patio slightly instead, which now seems like amazing foresight. I found the dressing table I’ve been looking for on eBay, have paid for it and asked them to hold it until we’re in, and am vaguely wondering if there will be anyone delivering this kind of thing soon, or whether they even should. I know business must go on, we must keep buying or the economy will crash, but still, it’s surreal.

It will probably be quite a long gap before I get chance to write again now, but I’ll try and keep Instagram updated.

I’m usually really good at multi-tasking, but teaching a seven year old, while entertaining a three year old, while working my usual hours (from home) while sorting every meal for four, while moving house and fitting our own flooring, never mind physical and mental health care, and the looming worry about loved ones getting the virus… I know I’m not alone in this but it all seems just a bit much.

Behave like you have the virus to keep people safe. I’ll see you on the other side.

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