The harvest of ’16

Herbs in saucesWe’re pretty lucky.  Not only did we get a house we love, but it turns out that it has an added benefit that we’d never even considered before we moved in… the fruit, veg and herbs from the garden.

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Foraging for fruits

RaspberriesI’ve already mentioned that we have quite a lot going on in the garden fruit-wise.  OK, it’s not really foraging when it’s in your own back garden, but hey.  It is when you didn’t plant them.

We have raspberries, redcurrants, gooseberries, and loganberries, all of which seem to be favourites for the birds too, so we’ve had to throw a net over them.  We’re also having to stop Scarlett picking and eating every berry she sees before she makes herself ill.  Not sure which is the greater threat.

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Going full croissant

IMG_4600I’ve had a crack at making almond croissants.  I strongly suspect these would have turned out better if I’d parked the almond element for my first attempt, but no.  I had to go full croissant.

The end result appears quite nice, but to be fair, a sprinkle of icing sugar and a kindly Instagram filter, and I’d probably look like hot stuff too.

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Little by little

Not much to report on the house front, although our buyers have now paid their deposit to their solicitor, a mere three months later.  Exchange and completion dates still to be determined.

We’re in a dilemma now, whether to move before or after the baby’s born, as we’re swiftly approaching the danger zone.  Just hanging fire to see if we get any info from our bank this week about the mortgage.

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The Bake Off Final

IMG_2152We’ve had the Bake Off challenge final… I came… drumroll please… third.  Of five.  A distinctly average performance among my peers, but I definitely had some highlights.

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