Covering Jude’s lampshade

I was keeping an eye out for a lampshade to match the grey and white stars theme we’ve got going on in Jude’s room (you know, the theme that extends to his curtains and changing mat).  It’s the last thing that really needed doing to finish it off after I painted it a couple of months ago.  Of course, there’s more I want, but this definitely stood out as “wrong” in the room.  None were quite what I was looking for, so I decided to do it myself.

Having a quick google, I found the perfect instructions for me – covering a lampshade that already has white or cream fabric covering the frame.  The shade that was left by the previous homeowners was a three-tier cream pendant shape – think upside down wedding cake.

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Painting Jude’s room

Jude's room before paintingI wrote about my ideas for Jude’s room way back in August when I had a few-weeks-old baby who fed pretty often, but also napped about 70% of his day away and I had loads of time on my hands.  We’d done nothing to his room apart from me making curtains in the summer, poor lad, he’s a real second child.  He has Scarlett’s bedroom furniture aaaaaanndd… that’s pretty much it.  That was his room.  To be fair, he didn’t care, he’s a baby, but I was feeling bad about it.  His baby book, which I recently forced myself to fill in, asks for the nursery colour scheme and accessories.  I couldn’t bring myself to write “magnolia” and “haha”.

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