How to paint a rainbow over varying angles and curved surfaces

I’m writing this one as I found no help online to achieve this – I wanted to paint a rainbow in Scarlett’s room that started on one wall, travelled over her door onto the ceiling, came down an eaved part of the ceiling, and then came down the adjacent wall.

I get these ideas in my head sometimes that I can’t get out. Things that aren’t actually that practical or even feasible, but I want to do them anyway because I think they’ll be amazing if they work. SPOILER ALERT: this worked. It’s in the header image right there.

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Get it off my chest

Pink and white drawers in situOne of the jobs on my to do list was to spray a chest of drawers white for Scarlett’s room, as all of the built-in furniture in there is white already. My first thought was to just buy a chest of drawers, but as we had an old one just sat there, albeit the wrong colour, it seemed a bit foolish.  Plus, there’s the added aspect that this particular piece of furniture happens to have been my dad’s, so I did really want to keep it.

The first thing I bought was the handles – I got them at the same time as the wardrobe, drawers and bedside cabinet handles for our bedroom a couple of months ago.

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Scarlett’s room

Scarlett’s new room was pretty much perfect for her before we even moved in.  Painted in a very similar pink to her old room, with hot pink roller blind and lampshade, huge mirror for pulling silly faces and watching herself dancing (some of her favourite things to do), and built-in furniture, we’ve been lucky that there’s really not a lot we’ve had to do to it.

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In with the new

I left you last time with us walking through the door of the new house, in true cliffhanger fashion.  I was a bit nervous that I’d built it up to be more than it actually was.  Although the sale went through from initial offer to moving day in bang on six weeks, we had only viewed the property once, I’d been a bit thunderstruck by the beauty of the house and garden, having not expected to like it, and I was wondering whether our desperation to find a house to buy (or even rent) had blinkered us a bit.

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