Nursery accessories

Birdcage light

Had a quick shop for a couple of bits for the nursery – we’ve bought this lovely little pendant birdcage light from Argos, and I ummed and ahhed about getting the matching table lamp but we’ve decided not to for now.

Also, as I’ve been doing the nursing chair up, I thought it may be nice to get a couple of coordinating cushions to go on the chair which will henceforth be grey.  I nipped into Primark on the offchance that they had some pretty pink ones, and they had these little treasures.  The buttons are (hopefully) too big for a child to eat and they’ll look lovely on the new chair.  And what a bargain – only £3 each.Pink cushions


I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Pinterest is brilliant!  I thought you may want to see a couple of my boards as they stand.

I keep spotting some lovely accessories and pinning them to my boards, and it’s easy to see if they’ll fit with the theme, so I’d highly recommend it if you’re decorating.  I’ve pinned photos of items on there from B&Q, Wickes, Argos, Dulux, the list goes on…

As an example, I’ve just found these lovely curtains on the left in the Next sale for the living room.  I can clearly see that they complement the room’s theme.  However!  A word of warning.  I pinned this photo onto my Pinterest board and was going to wait until payday to buy them.  Then I thought I’d better get them as they’re on sale.  They were all gone, in every size, when I went back an hour later.  I’m naturally suspicious, and event one might have nothing to do with the other, but if you see something on sale, buy it before you pin it!

This is my kitchen board.  I’m lusting after some gorgeous tableware from John Lewis at the moment, but, being realistic, £9.99 for a cup is out of my price range, unless we start buying one piece of crockery a month!

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Where to begin…

I have a confession.  My name’s Michelle, and my husband and I have been living in a new Barratt’s home for over three and a half years now.  Until last week, it was still magnolia.  The whole thing.

In my defence, we selected some pretty awesome statement pieces to counteract the magnolia when we first moved in.  As we were advised not to paint immediately, due to nail pops and the house settling in general, we thought we’d get creative in other ways.  Like this cool red Kulla light from Ikea in the living room, and this lovely yellow four poster Hemnes bed, also from Ikea.  You’ll notice a theme.

Anyway, we’ve recently decided to dust off the old overalls, get our fingers out  (neither of which I mean literally), and make some changes.


We went a bit mad with paint tester pots to start with.  Luckily, we live two minutes from a Wickes store and they were on offer at buy one get one free, otherwise we may have been forced to rein it in a bit.

We couldn’t even decide where we were going to paint to begin with, so we bought six tiny pots for our bedroom and four for the living room.  All of which were splodged across the walls.  I have a strong feeling we’ll have to live with it in our room for quite some time.

Anyway, we decided to go with the living room first.  Bear in mind that when we last decorated everything was when we moved here in June 2009.  As you can see above, for our living room as was, we’d gone with the standard magnolia walls, cream carpet (I’ll assume you’ll take this as a given for any other room I discuss), with red, black and grey highlights.  I like to think that people don’t notice we haven’t painted anything until now, as we chose our rooms’ contents very carefully.

When we first moved, our first choice was our lovely corner sofa from DFS, which unbelievably, we got on sale.  Pretty much everything else in the room was from Ikea, including a six seater dining table and bookcases for our TV and DVDs.

We’ve moved away from the black/red combo now, and have decided on a much more classic feel for the living room, although we’re keeping the current sofa and dining set.

The first items I chose, which seem to have set the mood for the room, were some lovely lights from Argos.  This review by Bobby from Yorkshire (scroll to the bottom) sealed the deal to be honest.  As no one Argos in the area seemed to have two, my other half had to trail around Leeds one day picking the pair up from opposite ends of the city, but they’re worth it!