I had my lunch in the sun three times last week. This is a record.

I work in Bradford city centre, and since the City Park was completed, I feel quite proud of Centenary Square (which is the square where the town hall and a few pubs and restaurants reside). I walk through it on my way to the bus stop, and because it was sunny last week, I thought I’d grab a meal deal from town and sit and have lunch. Clearly, everyone else in Bradford had the same cracking idea, because it was packed.

There was still space on some benches, so I sat down to eat, and watched some toddlers running in and out of the water (kids love fountains!) and read a book. It’s hard to go back to work after that, but it does feel like you’ve actually had a break, instead of just sitting at your desk for lunch.

Well, it only went and snowed yesterday, and I have to get my winter coat back out of commission already? What’s all that about?  Then today, it’s sunny!  I’m confused.  These photos are the view from our back bedroom window, yesterday and today.

Happy Easter weekend everyone!

Dressing up redux

On the ongoing dressing table front, I’ve had a brainwave. I was firstly thinking that the black units we have in the lounge could go into our bedroom. We are already thinking of having black skirting boards, so it would pick up that theme.

I only have an old photo to hand, but what’s pictured is two units next to each other (with one stood up on its end). If you look at the unit under the TV, I was wondering if we could remove the four squares in the centre of the block of eight and make it into a dressing table with two holes at either side, holding up the top. I could then get drawers or cupboards for those – we’d need to get rid of the red drawers though, they wouldn’t go.

That would save us having to buy a dressing table, and I would have space to put all my stuff!