Lovely Jubilee

Well, I can’t say that I did much for the Jubilee, sadly, but never mind.  I watched part of the boat pageant and learnt a new word: flotilla.  They used it every two minutes until it has eventually become a part of my vocabulary.  We also watched the concert and was very confused – firstly, why didn’t they let Rolf Harris finish his song?  Know your audience!  Secondly, did Stevie Wonder think it was the Queen’s birthday?  I’m surprised nobody had informed him why he was there.  We also watched part of yesterday’s service, but mostly to see what Kate was wearing.

Apart from that, we have done no DIY (surprise, surprise!).  I’m off for the rest of the week, so if I can bear lifting a paintbrush, I may have a look at the skirting boards.  We have attended a first birthday party (happy birthday, Finley!), seen Prometheus (2/5, don’t bother, just watch Alien again, it was better), had pizza TWICE at Pizza Express (eek!), and seen Dirty Dancing (the musical) at the theatre with the girls, which was such a laugh!

I’ve also been awarded the extraordinary honour of being my friend Charlie’s chief bridesmaid, so need to get my thinking cap on for that once they’ve set a date…

Diamond Jubilee

Is anyone actually doing anything for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee? Does anyone do that sort of thing any more?

I love the idea of hanging bunting (this one’s from Lakeland), getting together with your neighbours, everyone bringing a dish, putting everyone’s tables together in a long row with matching tablecloths, and having a great old time. It is also probably the 60s in this dream.

I watched the Royal Wedding (capital R, capital W) last year with much more interest than I thought I would. I wished I’d invited people round so we could enjoy it together.

However, I’ve mentioned before how little I know my neighbours. Which makes the Jubilee dream even more ridiculous. Yes, even more ridiculous than spending £6.99 on four metres of floral bunting. And you know you’d need more than one.

I’m wishing we were a little more community-minded though (not just us, everyone on our street). This week, I’ve made friends with one side of neighbours on Facebook (howdy, neighbours!) – Family B for those of you paying attention. While I think it’s definitely a step in the right direction, isn’t it silly that we’re friends on Facebook before being friends in real life? I’m completely holding myself responsible here.

So, over to you. Do you get on with your neighbours? What broke the ice? Any plans for the Jubilee that involve your neighbours?