With great power there must also come great responsibility

As promised, I have now completed my nephew’s Spiderman cake!  It’s not perfect, but I’ve had a good crack at it.

I baked two cakes on Thursday night, and was really stressing because neither of them had risen properly, and we’ve somehow got these stupid cake tins with bobbly bottoms that ruin the underside of your cake when you try and take them out.  Solution: put these two cakes together to form a supercake!

I made buttercream and put this and jam betwixt the two and then followed the video I mentioned before.  I’ve had an issue with the black bleeding a little bit, but I think the only thing I could have done to stop that would be to wait for the red to dry completely, but I don’t have time to do that unfortunately (and didn’t know at the time).

Anyway, here’s photos along the way…


Nothing like sticking with a theme, but superheroes seem to be in at our house. I’ve promised my brother that I’ll have a go at making a Spiderman cake for my nephew Sonny’s 5th birthday in a couple of weeks’ time. Sonny absolutely loves Spiderman and dresses in his little Spiderman outfit whenever he can.

I had a search online and found a few different Spiderman cakes with various designs. I found one I liked, and even though I’ll be seriously stretching my icing skills, if I can pull it off, it will look brilliant! I think I’ve been bolstered by the boot tops – I’ve somehow got the impression that enthusiasm and will can overcome lack of skill or knowledge.

At least this one has a step-by-step on YouTube.  I’ve already bought the icing and the food colouring, just need to get a paintbrush and some toothpicks (seriously).

His birthday’s in a couple of weeks, so I’ll put up a photo of the result, whether it’s worthy or not.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=baxoe8KYwcw]