A study in sewing

StudyMy desk in the study, which I don’t think I’ve ever shown you, is looking rather busy at the moment.  Since my sewing machine arrived on my desk, I’ve been sewing project after project.

Other than Baby Brain creations, my machine’s been whirring away on bunting recently.  I have a trip planned to Ikea in the next week, to have a look at some storage solutions – as you can see, it’s overflowing with buttons, fabric and paperwork!

Wedding scrapbook

Wedding scrapbook

Following my success with the recipe scrapbook, I decided to get cracking with my wedding scrapbook for a bit more cathartic organisation.  I started filling it with my wedding ideas from before the day, along with some memory bits like ribbon from the bridesmaids’ dresses, our flight stubs and honeymoon itinerary.  We only got married a mere six and a half years ago. I did do a bit when I was pregnant and on maternity leave, but other things soon beckoned (like the SATC boxset, hello Helen!), and it fell by the wayside.  I’ve found a renewed energy for wanting these things sorted now, firstly to keep them away from little sticky hands, and secondly to preserve them for when the owner of those little sticky hands becomes interested in mummy and daddy’s wedding and I can show her everything we (or I) did to prepare for it.

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Room of shame

Thanks to our incredibly generous friends and family (namely my brother, Martin, and my friends Charlie and Helen), the room that is destined to be the nursery is filled to the gunnels with baby clothes, baths, baskets, footstools, etc.  Not to mention the freebies we’ve received and the bits we’ve been buying like nappies.

Anyway, you get the picture.  Actually, you don’t get the picture, because I’m too ashamed to take one.  It’s our room of shame, as everything is just getting dumped in there at the moment.  It’s like those programmes you see where people hoard things for 20 years and then a presenter goes over to make fun of them.

I’ll post about this separately, but we’ve just bought a nursery furniture set, so no more room of shame!  I can’t wait to get everything washed and put away.  Then I’ll take a photo!